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Antique Medicine Bottle 1900's Castoria

Antique Medicine Bottle 1900's Castoria

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An antique medicine bottle from the early 1900's. This antique bottle is embossed with the text Chas H Flecther. This is the case with castoria bottles before 1940. This bottle is free of cracks or chips in the glass. It stands approxamitly six inches tall, with a small diameter opening in the top of the bottle. A screw top design on this bottle likley dates int to around 1920 -1930's.

There is a green tint that often came with antique medicine  bottles from the ninteenth century.

The Centaur Company company that produced the product used bottles with screw caps as well as cork tops. Around 1940 these bottles moved into a more generic glass bottle and lost there embossing.

Castoria was a laxative produced in from around 1880 to the early 1900's. This bottle is in great shape.

All bottles come with a free cork.

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